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An American review recently described David as “A romantic minimalist”. Probably because he’s never painted seagulls or boats in his ‘Scapes Series’!

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Hailing from St Andrews in Scotland, David Joy is known internationally as a noted golf historian and author. David is also a respected, admired and prolific artist and illustrator with his artwork being exhibited worldwide, including some from his latest “Scapes” series featured here.


The Garden Studio is next to the Grange Inn, 1 mile from St Andrews, with a fine view of the town and St Andrews bay and north over to the Sidlaw Hills and beyond to the tops of the Grampian Glens.


“I have an everchanging 60 mile view which has been a great inspiration to me.”

Updated: 28 September 2021

Open invitation from David to visit his garden studio up at the Grange – covid distancing applies.

As most shops are re-opening – I have done the same [officially] !

The Garden Studio is back open to show what I’ve been working on during lockdown. The larger scapes would have been on shown in Santa Monica and the smaller pieces were to be exhibited in Prague but this was obviously cancelled because of the dreaded virus.

There are about a hundred canvases of the scapes series, showing the past eight seasons and its moods over the last two years (big and small).

You are all welcome to come up and view them. Bring up a Flask of tea or coffee (or a bottle of vino!!) and make use of the garden seating


David has a residency in a number of outlets for his paintings. The latest gallery exhibition running through October and November 2019 was opposite the new V&A Museum at Dock Street Studios in Dundee.

We were delighted and humbled to have the Scapes exhibit by David Joy with us. It was a fantastic opportunity for all to experience his captivating paintings with such subtle light and depth of textures.

Sara Campbell

Dock Street Studios, opposite the V&A Design Museum, Dundee.

Happy Clients

“We have hung your painting now and it looks perfect. We find it mesmerizing – each time I pass by, I have to stop and gaze”

Thank you so much!
Julia Olisa

Happy Clients

We LOVE our David Joy painting.

“Ours is in our front foyer and it looks amazing! It puts a smile on my face and gives me a sense of calm every day that I look at it.

So thank you for your beautiful artwork. We will enjoy it for years to come.”

Mary Lou

Happy Clients

“We are absolutely delighted with our Seascsape painting. It looks amazing in our home and has been much admired.”

Lesley Ann & Stuart Cargill

Happy Clients

Now we understand why your last name is Joy, as your very sensitive and lovely painting has brought some joy and peace into our humble home.

Gill & Leigh Muro

Happy Clients

“I wnated to write to you to tell you how much joy I have had from your painting!

I’ve never experienced such a brilliant thing and keep talking about.”

Kirsty O’Donnell


Explore the world of David’s collection of beautiful Seascapes

Author and Illustrator

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David Joy Illustrator - Scottish Wildlife Series

David's studio is situated in his garden, a real haven of character, wildlife and peace. With no shortage of inspiration, his illustrations share the nature and beauty of Fife's animals, birds and insects amid the flora.

Featured here is a selection of David Joy's Wildlife Series which are available to purchase as prints or greetings cards.


GOLF - David Joy

David Joy is an internationally noted golf historian. An accomplished author, illustrator, engraver and speaker on the subject of golf.

St Andrews is known as the home of golf through the pioneering work of its citizens. The contribution of the Joy family spanning five generations in St Andrews is significant. Over the years they have not only contributed, they have continued to promote it's magic and David is an encapsulation of this wonderful magic through his passion for what we know and love today as the game of golf.


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